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Insurance polices protect people from risk and spread the financial burden of those risks over a large group. Consider the following four main types of insurance and explore our website for a free quote.

Automobile Coverage

Auto insurance is meant to protect drivers from financial loss if they are in a vehicle accident. It covers the cost of vehicle and property damage, as well as medical costs for any injured persons. Coverage options vary by state. The most common forms of coverage include:

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies pay an agreed upon sum of money to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the insured. They can relieve the financial burden in the event a person dies, especially if the death is premature. Many policies also include living benefits, an amount of money that can be collected in case of an accident or the diagnosis of a terminal illness. The main types of life insurance are:

Homeowner's Protection

Homeowner's insurance protects homeowners from various risks associated with their residence. It covers the total or partial loss of a home and the owner's personal belongings within the home. In addition, homeowner's policies include liability insurance, which protects the homeowner from being responsible in the event of an accident on their property. Homeowner's insurance will also pay for living expenses if the insured person's home is unlivable for a certain amount of time. Special policies exist for renters and condominium owners. Typical coverage includes the following:

Health Insurance

Health insurance protects individuals from having to absorb the financial burden of medical expenses. Policies can vary significantly based on a person's health risk, whether or not they belong to an insured group or the jurisdiction in which they live. Below are three main health insurance policy formats. Keep in mind, however, that many plans combine two or more formats.